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Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table

The Teeter FitSpine™ X3 Inversion Table includes upgraded features and accessories to elevate and enhance your inversion experience. The innovative FlexTech™ Bed supported by an 8-point suspension system flexes as you move and enables the best decompressive stretch. Ideal for back pain sufferers.

Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table

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  • Deluxe EZ-Reach™ ankle system - Our longest, micro-adjusting ratcheting handle is made of aerospace-grade stainless steel for a perfect fit.
  • Stretch Max™ & Traction Handles provide maximum support and assistance.
  • Patented FlexTech™ Bed and 8-point suspension system that flexes as you move.
  • Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes included for targeted traction and pressure-point relief.
  • Patented wrap-around Ergo-Embrace Supports made from specialty foam that reduces pressure for optimum comfort.
  • Grip-and-Stretch Handholds built into the bed and A-Frame allow you to enhance your stretching and decompression.

When you have back pain …
you don’t have a lot of options, and most options just cover up symptoms.

Using gravity and your own body weight, the Teeter decompresses the spine to rejuvenate the discs, relieve pressure on nerves, realign the spine, and release muscle tension. This is the secret that no other solution can provide – and why the Teeter is able to offer relief for so many different back pain conditions. You’ll not only FEEL better, you’ll MOVE better because you’ll have improved flexibility and less muscle tension, and LOOK better thanks to improved spinal alignment and better posture.

And did we mention how easy the Teeter is to use? Just lock in, recline and relax just a few minutes a day! The greater the angle, the greater the stretch, but you never need to fully invert to experience relief. No pills, no sweat, no appointments – you’ll experience natural pain relief in the comfort of your own home. What do you have to lose but the back pain?


Medical Study

Physical Therapy
No Inversion Therapy
Physical Therapy
With Teeter for 2 minutes
3x per week for 30 days

A published preliminary pilot study compared two groups of sciatic pain patients scheduled for lower back surgery. While all patients received physical therapy, only the group that incorporated a 2-minute Teeter regimen, 3 times per week, for 30 days reduced their need for surgery by 70.5%!

Teeter is the only FDA-registered inversion table that relieves sciatic pain and other disc related back pain. Our Inversion Tables use “Progressive Decompression” which means each disc is decompressed by the same body weight that compresses it while upright. Relieve the pressure – relieve the pain.

What Doctors are Saying